August 21, 2019 JohandeWild

Getting Started with Salesforce

Is your desk cleaned? Set your coffee, done your morning stretches, read the news?

Awesome. Then it’s time to get started with Salesforce!

The great thing about Salesforce is that there is a whole ecosystem that makes it a lot easier to gain knowledge. 

So without further ado, let’s get going!

First you’re gonna want to sign up for a Salesforce developer edition if you haven’t already got on. This is essentially a full-fledged Salesforce environment where you can play around and break stuff. And breaking stuff is fun! 🤘

Go to and fill in your data to receive your very own playground.

After creating your account for the playground, head over to trailhead and login.

Trailhead is THE online learning environment for Salesforce (only second to my very own website of course…) It allows you to learn specific knowledge regarding the multiple clouds that Salesforce has. You can earn badges, get points, and show them off to your friends and colleagues.

If you’ve never heard of or worked with Salesforce before and you’re dying to know what the fuss is all about, start with Salesforce for end users.

If you are a more experienced user and want to get to know the platform better in order to one day administer it, try Admin Beginners.

And if you are a developer and want to start developing for the Salesforce ecosystem, I’d recommend Apex for .NET Developers.

Do you have any favorite trails or modules? Do you want to brag and let me know that you’re a ranger (the highest trailhead ranking)? Shoot me a message!