I am just a guy who knows a bit of Salesforce. Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
I can help configure and develop most things Salesforce. And honestly, that slider 👆was pretty cool right?


Where small requirements turn into a big hairy mess of weirdly formulated user stories.

Quick Start

Honestly, if you can login to Salesforce you’re pretty much done. Don’t let people fool you.

Design & Development

I develop myself and I know a bunch of guys who do as well. Together we make half a decent developer. I think.


If Salesforce was already implemented years before and nobody quite knows how to use it except for Harry from IT. Good job Harry.

Online Marketing

Marketing cloud which I honestly know nothing about. Better ask someone else.

Maintenance & Support

For if you’re too cheap to look for a fulltime administrator I can help you out from time to time. Not too often though.

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Our Team

It’s just me, but Our Team seemed cooler for some reason. It’s what all the big firms do right?


Johan de Wild

Salesforce Consultant | CEO | Founder

I know a thing or two about Salesforce, been doing it for a while now. I hate it when people call themselves CEO of a one man company.

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